2 Signs Of Possible Hidden Mold Problem In Your House

If you have recently had a water leak in your house or the weather has been unusually humid, you may start to worry that you have a mold problem in your house. Unfortunately, depending on where the water damage or moisture is strongest, you may not actually see any growth. If so, look for the following signs that you may have a hidden mold problem in your house. 1.  Tell-Tale Musty Odor That Is Stronger in Certain Areas [Read More]

3 Signs Your Home's Electrical Systems Need To Be Updated

Your home's electrical system is designed to last for decades; however, if your home is already decades old, it may be time for your electrical system to be updated. Your home will provide you with signs that it is time to be updated, so you will have some warning that your system needs some help. Sign #1: Flickering Lights A single lightbulb may flicker when it is going out. However, if you have multiple light bulbs that are flickering, or if a lightbulb continues to flicker even after it has been replaced, the issue isn't with the lightbulbs. [Read More]

5 Design Ideas For The Inside Of Your Custom Kitchen Cabinets

When it comes to custom kitchen cabinets, plenty of the discussion goes into the exterior of the cabinet, with topics including everything from finish to hardware. However, if you truly want a custom cabinet, you have to turn your attention towards the inside. After all, it's the most important part of a cabinet.  1. Flatware Storage Say goodbye to a messy flatware drawer. With custom kitchen cabinets, you can have a special drawer area designed with built-in slots to keep your flatware organized. [Read More]

Are You Beautifying Your Home?

Are you beautifying your house before the holidays arrive? Maybe you are planning for friends and extended family members to be at your house during the Thanksgiving or Christmas holidays. Or, you might be hosting holiday events. Either way, of course, you want your house to be at it's loveliest, don't you?  Do you have a home beautification plan already in place? Maybe you are looking for ideas to beautify your house? [Read More]